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Sep 1, 2020

Petr Vabrousek has been one of my greatest inspirations in work ethic, sports and overall lifestyle. This episode is a bit longer than my previous ones, but devote that time to it and you’ll discover: 

-How he was able to become the 80-time TOP 10 finisher in Ironman races all over the world, finish 201 Ironman distance races, win the North Pole Marathon, be the distance record holder in the World Ultraman and so much more.

-His tips on how to stay fit even in the busiest parts of your life.

-How to shift your mindset so you can achieve your goals and not completely destroy yourself (that comes from a man that has won hundreds of extremely demanding races, so there must be “something” to it. :-) )

It was a true honor for me to invite Petr to my home to capture our conversation for all of you. Once you see this episode, you’ll understand how Petr’s example led me to completely change my lifestyle to a healthy one a few years ago and maintain it to this day.

Enjoy and let me know which part you liked the most!